Determined to Keep Learning

Having been 'in the trenches' as an engineering manager at Rancher Labs, I am very happy to return to my roots of open source community building at Determined AI.

Determined to Keep Learning
I had to make sure it ran on WSL.

I like new challenges and learning new things.

I saw an opening for a bespoke Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) distro by and for WSL enthusiasts. Later this became WSL distros and an indie startup.

Next, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take WSL further with a much bigger podium at Canonical.

Then, I saw WSL being increasingly used for cloud native development. This piqued my interest in Kubernetes.

I found a way to use my skills to get involved in Kubernetes and help improve the Windows container, DevOps, and documentation stories at Rancher Labs.

Increasingly, I see WSL being used for AI/ML work. WSL even has its own page on the HP Z workstation series website:

HP pre-installs Ubuntu on WSL on select Z by HP workstations

Use of WSL for GPU compute, discussion about GitHub Copilot, and NPUs (neural processor units) has piqued my interest in AI/ML workflows.

Turns out, my post about running Determined on WSL was no accident:

Running a massively scalable CUDA-accelerated AI/ML lab on WSL 2 with Determined
Getting a scalable AI/ML model training environment set up and running on WSL 2, with Docker Desktop and CUDA GPU compute.

I am thrilled to announce I am joining Determined AI, to build and lead the open source community team. I will be working with the Determined AI team to drive open source community engagement around Determined.

Determined AI is an open-source deep learning training platform that lets ML developers scale, teams share resources, researchers reproduce experiments, and scientists build more accurate ML models faster. Determined is also used on supercomputers, aka "HPC", which I think is very cool.

I am going to be learning a lot about ML and HPC in this process and will be writing and talking about it along the way. I will be using WSL, of course.

Having been 'in the trenches' as an engineering manager at Rancher Labs for some time, I learned a lot about working with large open source projects. I am incredibly happy to return to my roots, open source community building, at Determined AI.

Come join me. I am looking for a few good ML developer advocates but Determined has openings in engineering, product, UI, management, and support.

I even have some commits in on the last two releases of Determined: